It’s a hard few weeks for all of us. Personally, for me, it’s been the most frightening few weeks I have ever known in life as I saw the virus hit both my parents simultaneously and I went through the now familiar nightmare that many of us are living through…fighting.. for…
Let me start with a story of 2 pictures Reading the biography of Leonardo da Vinci by Water Isaacson, which delves into the fascinating mind and works…
A few years back, I hung up my corporate boots, packed up my corporate gloves and started off on my entrepreneurial journey, with a co-founder mad…
from data to stories, with love
Charting a data story
And in some cases, re-read
Lessons in authentic storytelling
They say culture eats strategy for breakfast. What happens when culture gets shuffled, like a game of cards? Who wins? And who loses?
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Stories data can tell